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2015 SRT8 Challenger Fort Worth

2015 SRT8 Challenger Fort Worth Headquarters!
We have the biggest Challenger SRT selection in all the State!




The ultimate American muscle car is back, and back with a furious vengeance! The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8 is pure raw power personified; with bold, aggressive styling inside and out. The SRT Challenger is fueled by the Legendary 392 HEMI V-8 and harnessed by world-class suspension and superior braking system...the epic story of the Challenger SRT8 lives on in Fort Worth at Allen Samuels Alliance.

SRT stands for Street and Racing Technology - it is way more than just a mere brand or "trim level", it is a way of living.  The 2015 Dodge SRT8 Challenger available at Allen Samuels Alliance in Fort Worth is designed to maximize the functionality of the exterior to enhance the overall performance of the incredible car.  One of the most missed features of the exterior functionallity of the SRT8 Challenger is the vents in the lower front fascia; it redirects airflow onto the brakes to improve braking performance. This example shows that it is the details like that, that makes the SRT 8 Challenger break records and set the benchmarks! ...Not to mention make all the other cars on the road drool as they get passed by this beast!

The functionality of the 2015 SRT-8 Challenger does not stop on the outside details. This car has an amazing inside as well; or it would not make it in the most demanding city in all the United States, Fort Worth...where we demand the best of the best to do better.  Once one is inside the cockpit of this legendary car it truly feels like one is in a real racing vehicle made to perform at top notch standards.  Starting with the seats themselves, they are Viper inspired, heavy bolstered, perfect for performing on the track yet comfortable enough for everyday driving, best of both worlds.  The Paddle shifters also puts the driver in real control, allowing the driver to shift gears without ever having to remove their hands from the steering wheel. Also, the performance pages of the industry exclusive 8.4 touchscreen display (not to mention the biggest touchscreen available in all the market!) in the dash lets the driver see every stat they could ever want to know from 0-60 to g-forces during a turn, to you name it.

2015 Dodge SRT8 Challenger has the legendary 6.4L Hemi V-8 powering it. This engine is a naturally aspirated animal...no turbos, no superchargers, just pure American engine power!


The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8 has the most advanced performance suspension blended with cutting edge technology to give it the rigidity and stiffness when it needs it, but an unbelievable luxury ride that will surprise you; this car just glides down the road when not putting the competition in the rear view mirror.  Not to mention we pair this suspension system up with a world class Brembo braking system.  Allen Samuels Fort Worth located in Alliance has the biggest selection of Dodge SRT8 Challenger in all Texas, you want it and we got it!


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Allen Samuels Fort Worth Jeep Ram Dodge Chrysler - Alliance Dealer

Allen Samuels Fort Worth Ram Dodge Chrysler Jeep - Alliance SRT Dealer
Here to serve Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington and all cities in the area. We are the Preferred DFW SRT dealership.
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2015 SRT8 Challenger Fort Worth

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